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Leasing Options
We are able to offer competitve leasing options on all our products via our partner 'Leasemaster'

The Benefits of Leasing
There are numerous reasons why leasing makes good financial sense to both customers wishing to acquire equipment and suppliers wanting to sell.

What is a lease?
A simple agreement between the finance company and you, the user. We arrange to buy the equipment from the supplier and lease it to you over an agreed period for a regular fixed instalment. A typical lease runs from 3-5 years.

Why should my business lease?
You probably remunerate your staff on a "pay as you earn" basis, normally via a monthly salary. Leasing allows you to do the same and use your IT as it works for your Company - as an overhead rather than a rapidly depreciating asset. And as your business grows and develops, so does technology. Leasing allows you to take advantage of these changes without dramatic changes in budget.

What are the major advantages of leasing?

  • Improved cash flow, making budgeting and forecasting easier.
  • Save Corporation Tax - all rentals are 100% tax deductible.
  • Leave your other lines of credit in place so you can use them as and when required.
  • You can equip your businesses today and use the working capital to develop your business tomorrow - and get a higher return on the cash investment.
What happens if my requirements change during the lease?
Our flexible agreements enable you to keep pace with the ever-improving hardware and software products available to IT. We can add to, exchange and even upgrade your whole system, usually with only a small increase in your instalments.

What sort of businesses take advantage of a lease?
Those ranging from the largest of blue chip corporations to the smallest businesses choose to lease. On the whole these are companies that recognise the benefits of a lease over a "cash" purchase. Our lessees also include schools, universities, local authorities and the NHS. Leasing is a universally accepted finance option for any size and type of business.

Local Authorities, Education, Schools, NHS
All these organisations have to keep pace with developments in I.T. Often budget constraints do not allow capital projects to go ahead. Revenue budgets need to be utilised, leasing allows access to the technology of today and our upgrade facility removes the problem of replacing outdated equipment.

Please contact us for further details on out leasing options.

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